Tales From The Road: Javier – Finding Food

Happy Holidays everyone! I had hoped to make some good progress on editing over the break. However, my laptop screen went kaput! Luckily (?) it is a manufacturers defect and the logic card was replaced at no charge. The downside was a week without editing. The upside was spending more time with friends and family. OK, I’ve got the computer back now and am back to editing! Here’s another short clip. Enjoy.
I met Javier in Cuatro Cienegas when I stayed with the Monarcas Motorcycle club. He invited me to stay with him when I went to Monterrey. He and his wife really made me feel at home. They served me delicious traditional Mexican food from their family restaurant. He also rides a Harley and is the founder of bulldogs motorcycle club.

Since Javier is a restaurant owner I knew he would have good advice when it came to finding food on the road. Follow his tip and eat well!

Tales From The Road: Javier – Finding Food from Benny on Vimeo.

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