“The Motorcycle Mexico DVDs are the easy way to prepare for your first motorcycle or fourwheel ride south of the border.”

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Motorcycle Mexico - As Featured On


"This isn't a fancy studio production. There is no traditional, mass-media censorship. This is raw footage of actual riders- men and women with real experience- telling it like it is.

Before my first motorcycle trip to Mexico, I was terribly unprepared. I was frightened so badly that I turned back after only a few hundred miles. I wish I had been able to learn from someone like Ben, BEFORE I crossed the border between Texas and Mexico. My fears had been fed by American mass-media, and I was under family pressure to stay alive.

If this video had been available before I went, it would have saved me from an awful lot of fear and anxiety. And it would have prevented damage to my motorcycle's suspension. You don't have to learn things the hard way. Anybody watching this can learn the right way."

Max Harn

"If anyone wants to visit Mexico and needs information on preparing a trip, and learning what to expect, here it is.

I highly recommend it."

Nina Boonacker

"I watched this movie and highly recommend it. It addressed every single one of my questions or concerns about travelling through Mexico. I am actually headed towards Panama in a 4wd truck, but the movie crossed over very well. I really liked getting the information straight from the people who have made this trip, some of them having logged more miles in Mexico than I have in the USA.

The DVD has so much information on traveling in Mexico, either on a bike or 4 wheeled vehicle. It's great for sharing with family to alleviate their concerns as well. I think anyone who plans to travel in mexico would get their money's worth out of this movie, regardless of where in your research stage you are."

Ryan Hayes
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